Transgender and genderqueer

Advocacy Guide for Trans People and Loved ones

Broadway Youth Center

Care of the patient undergoing sex reassignment surgery (SRS)

Center of Excellence for Transgender Health

Changing speech

Chicago Gender Society

Chicago Women’s Health Center

Clinical Protocol Guidelines for Transgender Health Care

Colleges with gender-neutral housing

The Crib


Culturally Competent Approaches for Serving Asian and Pacific Islander Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Populations in California

DIY gender-neutral restrooms kit

Endocrine therapy for transgender adults

Fast facts about transgender people, police and incarceration

Fast facts about violence against transgender people

Fit or Fatphobic – Trans People, Weight and Health

FKA (Formerly Known As dance party in Chicago)

FORGE Forward

FTM hormone guide

FTM sexual reassignment surgery guide

Gender Binary System

Gender Identity Disorder Reform

Gender Just

Gender Spectrum Education & Training


Gendercast: Our Transmasculine Genderqueery

Genderqueer Revolution

Gender-neutral body map

Gender-neutral pronouns

Gender-neutral pronoun guide

GenderQueer Chicago

Gender Spectrum

Getting hormones

Getting surgery

Getting trans-competent health care

Glossary of transgender terms

Guide to overcoming voting obstacles for transgender people

Health Care Access Project (for transgender people)

Helping transgender clients navigate sex-segregated social services

Hormone therapy FAQs

Hormones: A guide for FTMs

Hormones: A guide for MTFs

How to Start a Transgender Clinic

How to Support Trans Clients

Howard Brown Health Center

Howard Brown Health Center Violence Recovery Project

Hudson’s FTM Resource Guide

I AM: Trans People Speak (videos of personal stories of health care experiences)

Illinois Gender Advocates

Illustrating Intersections: Gender and the Prison Industrial Complex

INCITE! toolkit to stop law enforcement violence against women of color and trans people of color

Issues of Transgender Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Let’s Talk Trans  Youth Health Care

Massachusetts Transgender Resource Open Listing

Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition

Media guide for writing about transgender people

Miami Valley Transgender Association

MTF hormone guide

MTF sexual reassignment surgery guide

Model district policy on transgender and gender nonconforming students

National Center for Transgender Equality

National Transgender Advocacy Coalition

Navigating TSA policies for transgender people and sexual assault survivors

NorthEast Two-Spirit Society

Ohio transgender legal and medical information

Ohio transgender support groups

Organizing for Transgender Health Care: A Guide for Community Clinic Organizing and Advocacy

Original Plumbing

Participating in Direct Actions: A Guide for Transgender People

Primary Care Protocol for Transgender Patient Care

Providers of trans survivors

Providing Services and Supports for Youth who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex or Two-Spirit

Purportedly gendered body parts and alternatives to using gendered words for bodies

Queer Canon

Queer, feminist and trans politics of prison abolition

Reaching  Out to Trans People of Color webinar

Real Life Experience — Gender Transition

Rights of transgender prisoners

Social and medical advocacy with transgender people and loved ones

Surgery: A guide for FTMs

Surgery: A guide for MTFs

Sylvia Rivera Law Project

T.G.I.F. (trans, gnc, and intersex freedom) Pride Chicago

Tips for caregivers of transgender clients

Tips for trans inclusion: a guide for service providers

Tips for working with transgender survivors of sexual violence

Trans Health

Trans People of Color Coalition

Trans Oral History Project

TransCare youth resources

Transcending Anatomy zine

TransCollaborations in Iowa City


Transformative Justice Law Project of Illinois

Transgender 101

Transgender 101: A Simple Guide to a Complex Issue

Transgender 101 by the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition

Transgender Aging Network

Transgender at Work

Transgender Care

Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative

Transgender Health Care Resources

Transgender Health Empowerment

Transgender health guides

Transgender Health Program and Resource Links

Transgender issues and the criminal justice system

Transgender Law & Policy Institute

Transgender Law & Policy Institute resources

Transgender Law Center

Transgender Speech Feminization/Masculinization: Suggested Guidelines for Clinicians


TransYouth Family Allies

Trans Care Project: Guidelines for Transgender Health Care

Trans people and Cancer

Trans People and Osteoporosis

Trans People and Vaccinations

Trans Youth Resource and Advocacy

Trans Youth Sexual Health Booklet

Tranzmission Prison Project

UCAN Chicago LGBT homeless youth home host program

Vocal Subversion (voice deepening)

World Professional Association for Transgender Health

Youth Outlook Chicago

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