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My last GenderBloc GenderF*ck Drag Show

My last GenderBloc GenderF*ck Drag Show

GenderBloc, a radical queer organization at the University of Cincinnati focusing on transgender and genderqueer activism, performs in its GenderF*ck drag show thrice yearly to raise money for transgender support and activist organizations. The GenderF*ck also serves as a creative form of outreach to the UC community. This was the last show for the remaining … Continue reading

It’s Trans Parents Day!

Trans Parent Day, marked on the first Sunday of November, celebrates life and love between transgender parents and their children. The organization’s website features resources and forums for both transgender parents and their children, as well as videos of transgender people sharing their experiences as parents.

Resource: “Supporting Transgender Students”

GenderBloc, a queer student group at the University of Cincinnati that focuses on transgender and genderqueer activism, has created “Supporting Transgender Students,” a new guide for higher education faculty and staff. This guide contains information for administrators, teachers and other staff members who have never encountered a transgender student. It addresses issues like confidentiality, outing … Continue reading

Quote: Audre Lorde on identities

“When we define ourselves, when I define myself, the place in which I am like you and the place in which I am not like you, I’m not excluding you from the joining — I’m broadening the joining.” — Audre Lorde in Sister Outsider

Action alert: Ohio transgender community assessment of needs

TransOhio is asking members of the Ohio transgender community to complete a needs assessment. The assessment will serve as a snapshot of the Ohio transgender community, including transgender people, partners and allies, who are current Ohioans or individuals who were born in Ohio. There has never been an assessment of this type for the Buckeye State, and … Continue reading