8 thoughts on “Amazing ’50s-style cartoon on lesbians

    • To men? No, the opposite. To women who like women? Of course. On the other hand, this is not the original caption for this drawing.

        • i disagree not all men like lesbians infact i’v known a few who find lesbians who have a sterio type of lesbians as bigets

          • being a guy i will say this. i love lesbian cuz they make great porn for the internet. though in real life no fun cuz lesbians only like girl. in real life it would be awesome to have a couple of bisexual women.

            i dont care what anyone says. that is how 95% of men feel
            if out of the men you know there is a much larger percent of them who dont feel this way. then that is simply the tyoe of men you choose to surround yourself with

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