Lady GaGa officially comes out as bi

Lady GaGa graces the new cover of Rolling Stone this month, and on the inside she comes out officially as bisexual. “She tells Hiatt [the interviewer for Rolling Stone] she’s bisexual, but her attraction to women is purely physical. It’s an aspect of her sexuality that makes boyfriends ‘uncomfortable,’ she says.” Thus is the plight of a bi girl.

Lady GaGa in the newest issue of Rolling Stone. Photo from

Lady GaGa in the newest issue of Rolling Stone. Photo from

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22 thoughts on “Lady GaGa officially comes out as bi

  1. So she is bisexual but she is only physically attracted to girls and this apparently makes her boyfriends uncomfortable? That seems like the ideal situation for most straight guys. They seem to like girls making out until they realize that the girls are actually into each other and right here Gaga is making it sound like shes not actually into girls, just thinks their hot… does that even count as bisexual? If it does she sure is giving them a bad repp

    • I feel the need to comment that this is the dilemma of this particular bi girl.

      Other bi girl dilemmas I have personally encountered in my bisexual life:
      1) Getting fired for coming out bi at work.
      2) Hearing about bi girlfriends needing to run from their boyfriends or husbands, who were so intimidated by their girlfriends’bi-ness, they threatened to break their teeth.
      3) Being called a “traitor” or “full of diseases” right to my face by lesbian women.
      4) Having sleezy straight boys hit on me for three-ways–because that’s why I exist, to make sure they get their three-way.
      5) Being told I don’t exist or that I’m “politically irrelevant” by the gay community.
      6) Being harassed when I show up with a bi t-shirt or bi button by gays and lesbians at a queer pride rally or parade, even though I’ve gone there to support all LGBTQ.
      7) Being told that I “have a sickness” by straight people who see my bi t-shirt or bi button on the way to the gay parade/rally/event.
      8) Being told that I am just a “part-timer” by lesbian, gay, or queer-identified people, even though I am bisexual 24/7, no matter who I am dating.
      9) Being told by right-wing religious people that I am an even bigger threat to society because I “choose” my sexuality.
      10) Having people like Tila Tequila, Rikki and Vikki Ikki, Megan Fox, and Lady Gaga represent bisexuality to the public, with no counter-representation from regular bisexuals who just try to make it in this world.

      Those are just a few of my dilemmas. If Lady Gaga goes through anything like them, I hope that they will get an airing in a major publication.

      • I’m a lesbian, but I feel for you.
        Something about this post really rubbed me the wrong way, and this comment really highlighted why for me.
        I’m personally sorry for all the crap that bisexuals get from the gay and lesbian community and wish it would stop.

        • You’re not responsible for what other gays, lesbians, or straight people do.
          If you do hear somebody saying some biphobic shit, though, it would help if you could say something. Sometimes I think some lesbians will listen to other lesbians before they will listen to bis.
          And then we get dip-shits like Lady Gaga representing us. It blows.

      • Well said. And she does apparently: check out all the posters below debating whether or not Lady Gaga is queer enough. Just like me, she’s probably just doing it because it’s “chic.” The thing is, biphobia is just hate, plain and simple. People can pretend like it’s about politics, but it’s not. I was outed at 14 in the rural Midwest. I was threatened and terrorized. I’ve spent the last several years working 80-100 hours a week as a political organizer doing queer justice work. If there are dues, I’ve paid them, but I still get called a “weekend warrior” by gays and lesbians who show up at flag day events once a year to get plastered and toss twenty dollars some organization they have no relationship with.

        Do I love that the only bi-identified public figures are folks like Lady Gaga and Tila Tequila and various people appearing on Bad Girls’ Club? No, obviously not. Maybe if we didn’t make a cultural habit of denying and/or condemning bisexual people it would help create room for broader representation.

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  3. I am sorry but I do not believe for one moment that Lady Gaga is bisexual. I am tired of these heterosexual female singers playing these games to gain more attention from heterosexual men. The reason I say this is because in the entertainment industry it is considered “sexy” for a woman to say she is bisexual. There is no backlash for a female artist to say she is bisexual. Madonna, Shirley Manson, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera all played with the whole bisexual chic.

  4. I’m currently unsure about my sexuality, mainly because I don’t want to label myself before I’m certain. Especially since I’m quite young.

    However, I’m quite afraid of being bisexual as it seems on many websites and real life situations, bisexual people are seen as less.. just less. And that’s hurtful to me because I have bisexual friends of both genders and they’re all so amazing!
    If I hear anyone say anything stupid, I’d stick up for bisexuality. :c

  5. ok i seriously cant stand lady gaga myself. i do believe that this whole bi thing is a publicity stunt and honestly who does she think shes trying to fool? im a lesbian myself and most of my friends are bi. she “comes out” and now i feel sorry for my friends cuz shes going to give bisexuals a really bad name.

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  7. i love dr. house but the mother fucker that just use his name is a bastard what did you mean that her pennis is that makes her boyfriend uncomfortable? thas crap she doesnt have a pennis i hate the idiots that say that without knowing the actual truth and if you believe that for that video and photos you are ignorant because she put herself a fake pennis to call attention.

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